Mission Statement

St. Helen Catholic School is a faith-filled community which nurtures spiritual development, academic excellence, and fosters leadership skills. Together, parents, students, and staff strive to reach their God-given potential in an atmosphere that respects the dignity of each person.

About Us

At St. Helen School, we are committed to meeting the needs of each child in our care. Visitors to St. Helen School will see the bright and happy faces of students who feel confident, successful, and loved. We pray that students will reach their full potential in an atmosphere that promotes the dignity of each child and work diligently toward that end. From the moment children enter our school, they are surrounded by an environment that fosters peace of mind and heart. In this age of uncertainty, we provide a safe and certain course that will give your child a chance to make a difference in our world. St. Helen School is the special place that can pave the way far into the future.


Sister Sandy Nativio, S.N.D.


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Faculty and Staff

St. Helen school is fully accredited and chartered by the State of Ohio. All teachers are certified by the State of Ohio. Religion teachers are certified by the Religious Education Department of the Diocese of Cleveland.

St. Helen Catholic School
12060 Kinsman Road ~ Newbury, Ohio 44065